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Aberdare National park was established in 1950 and covers an area of 766 square kilometers (295.7 square miles). It’s part of the Aberdare Range (Nyandarua Mountains) with the highest peak at 13,120 ft (3,999 m) followed by Mount Kinangop 12,815 ft (3, 906 m), they and are an isolated volcanic which forms part of the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley. It’s the water source for Ndakaini dam main source of water for Nairobi city and Tana River the largest and longest river in Kenya 708 Km (440 Miles). The park altitude varies from 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) to 4,000 meters (13,123 ft) above sea level.

Aberdare National Park Safari
Aberdare National Park Safari

Aberdare National Park from Nairobi
The distance from Nairobi to Aberdare National Park is approximately 174  km (108 miles) driving on A2 road via Thika superhighway and can take up to 3 hours depending on the time of the day you travel. If you were to fly on a straight line from Nairobi to Aberdare National Park, its 104.8km (65.12 Miles) or 56.55 nautical miles.

Aberdare National Park Gates
Accessing the park from the Eastern side which includes towns of Nyeri and Naro Moru, you use Ark, Treetops, Ruhuruina, Kiandongoro and Wandare Gates. From Naivasha town, you can access the park via Mutubio and finally from Nyahururu the park is accessed via Rhino and Shamata gates.

Aberdare National Park Location
Aberdare National Park is located within Nyeri and Nyandarua Counties in central highlands of Kenya. Nyeri town is closer to the main gates to the park. The coordinates of the park are 0.4169° S, 36.6667° E.

Aberdare National Park Hotel & Accommodations
Accommodation at Aberdare National park can be either inside the park or at the nearby Nyeri town. One of the famous Tree lodges inside the park include; The Ark. Outside the park we have Solio Lodge and Aberdare Country Club. Please contact us for booking.

Aberdare National Park Safari
All-inclusive overnight safaris including Bird watching, Family safari, Photographic safaris, private safaris, group safari, and honeymoon safari can be customized.

Pick up can be done from your Nairobi City Hotel or direct from the Jomokenyatta International Airport depending on your arrival time.

The safari packages include accommodation at Aberdare National Park; game drives inland Cruisers, Game viewing in the park or the surrounding Solio Conservancy, Aberdare National Park fees and entry fee, meals, professional guides.

Aberdare National Park Animals
The park is famous for the elephants, buffalos, Giant Forest hog, bushbucks, bongo, olive baboons, the blue duiker, leopards, spotted hyenas and African civet cat. More than 250 different birds’ species have been recorded inside the national park including six of the eight restricted range species in the Kenyan Mountains Endemic Bird Area.

Safari to Aberdare National Park 
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