Amboseli National Park

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Amboseli National Park also called “The Kilimanjaro Royal Court” is one of the premium parks in Kenya managed by Kenya Wildlife Services. The park was gazetted in 1974 and was declared a UNESCO site 1991. It has diverse habitats from dry Pleistocene lake beds, plains, acacia woodland forests, semiarid vegetation to swamps and marshes. The park is famous because of Echo the Elephant, the world most research female matriarch elephant under the guidance of Dr. Cynthia Moss American conservationist.

The name Amboseli is a Maasai word for a place of dust, during the dry season’s dust is blown from the dry Pleistocene lake bed. The Maasai people are the immediate neighbors of the park and live in harmony with the wildlife.

Amboseli National Park Cultural Safari
Amboseli National Park Safari

Amboseli National Park Distance from Nairobi
The distance from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park is approximately 41/2 Hours driving equivalent to 230 km driving via A 104 and C103 road. Some of the major towns you will drive through include; Mlolongo, Athiriver, Machakos junction, Konza Techno City, Malili, Sultan Hamid and then Emali. Alternatively, on your exit, you can use Nairobi Namanga road and exit the park via Meshananai Gate where the distance from Nairobi to Amboseli National park is approximately 240km. Daily flights operate from Nairobi (Wilson Airport) to Amboseli National Park and the flying time is approximately 30 Minutes.

Amboseli National Park Weather
Amboseli National Park is usually hot and dry though it does experience short and heavy rains. During the day the average temperatures range between 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit and at night the temperatures can drop up to 14 degrees Celsius/58 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry months are usually January to late March and late May to early November. Expect rains in the months of April, late May and in November and December.

Amboseli National Park Location
Amboseli National Park is located in Kajiado Country coving an area of approximately 392 square km equivalent to 151 square miles. The park coordinates are 29 s 37 14 53 E. The distance from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park via Emali road is approximately 240km. it’s located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. 

Amboseli National Park Hotel
Several accommodations are available within and around Amboseli National Park. These lodges and camps are strategically located for easy game viewing and offer a clear view of the highest free-standing mountain in the world Mount Kilimanjaro.

Some safari lodges within Amboseli national park includes; Amboseli Serena Lodge, Oltukai Lodge, and some luxury camps include; Tortilis Tented Camp, Satao Elerai Camp. Please contact us for booking.

Best Time to Visit Amboseli National Park.
For better game drive at Amboseli National Park, visit the park during the dry months of January to March and from late May to November before the start of the rainy seasons.

Amboseli is open to guests throughout the year including the rain months as it doesn’t rain the whole day, hence game drivers can still be done in the morning and late in the evening.

Amboseli National Park Safari
Amboseli National Park safaris can be organized through DK Grand Safaris from Nairobi by road with pick up from Nairobi city Hotel or direct from Jomokenyatta International Airport.

Some of Amboseli National Park Safari packages offered by DK Grand Safaris include; family safari, Honeymoon Safari, Private Safaris, Customized and Photographic safari.

The safari packages will include accommodation, Game viewing in land cruisers, game drives, Amboseli national park fees, professional guides, complimentary cultural tour to a Masaai village etc.

Amboseli National Park Animals
More than 50 different species of mammals have been spotted in Amboseli National Park including four of the big five namely; Africa Elephants, Lions, Leopard, and Cape Buffaloes.

Other common animals at Amboseli includes; Thomson gazelles, warthogs, giraffe, zebras, wildebeest, hippopotamus, mongoose, baboons, spotted hyenas, Impala, grants gazelles, monkeys etc.

Approximately 400 species of birds have also been recorded at Amboseli national park which includes; Africa Fish Eagle, Ostrich, Guinea fowls, Francolins, Whistling ducks, Egyptian goose, Cape teal, Yellow-billed duck, Little grebe, Seasonal Flamingos etc.

Other common birds at Amboseli includes  Yellow-billed storks, African open billed stork, Saddle-billed storks, Marabou stork, Sacred ibis, African spoonbill, Grey herons, Cattle egret, Goliath herons, White pelican, Great cormorant etc.

We also have the Secretary bird, Vultures, Goshawk,  Bustards, Crowned crane, Plovers, Sandgrouse, Pigeons, Doves, Owls, Lilac-breasted rollers, Cuckoo, Woodpeckers, Shrikes, Sunbirds, Weavers etc. at Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park Highlight

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro,
  2. Observation Hill (Normatior) ,
  3. Game Viewing,
  4. Lake Amboseli and the Swamps
  5. Maasai Culture,
  6. Elephant Research Camp,
  7. Large Elephants Families etc.

Safari to Amboseli National Park
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