Best Time to Travel to Zambia

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Zambia is all year round tourist destination though it depends on one’s interest and reasons for travel. Victoria Falls makes a great option of an extension to combine with a safari. We do recommend game viewing in Zambia during the dry months of May to October, for those interested in viewing the Victoria Falls from Zambia site, the best months are May to August after the rainy seasons though, you can cross over to Zimbabwe for better views, in case you travel during the dry months of September to December as there may be no water coming over the Zambian side of the falls.

Livingstone town, where we find Victoria Falls is at an elevation of 986m/3234ft and generally warmer than Lusaka, the capital city. It’s a sub-tropical climate with a mild and dry winter from mid-May to mid-August and a hot, muggy and rainy summer from mid-November to mid-March.  October is the hottest month in Victoria Falls with an average temperature of 27°C (81°F) and the coldest is June at17°C (63°F) and the wettest month is January with an average of 171mm of rain.



January to April

  • Weather: It’s the rainy season; Rains might start especially in the afternoons.
  • Animals: Lots of babies have been born; the parks are turning green again hence great time for photography at this time of year for the birders some of the migratory birds are still around.
  • Quotation: Safari price lowest, Affordable (Low season).
  • Population: The parks are less crowned hence private and exclusive tours.
  • Recommended: Fair time for the safari.

May to October

  • Weather: These are the dry months of Zambia with clear skies.
  • Animals: The best time for game viewing because of less vegetation and animals gather around rivers and swamps. From June to September the best months to view Victoria Falls because the water flow is at its greatest volume over Victoria Falls.
  • Quotation: Safari price Highest, It’s the peak season.
  • Population: Parks aren’t crowded except the falls of Victoria.
  • Recommended: Good time for safari and visiting Victoria Falls.

November to December

  • Weather: It’s the start of rains accompanied by rolling storm clouds. November is the variable month which can either be hot and dry. By end of December, the parks are turning green.
  • Animals: Victoria Falls might just be a small stream on the Zambia side, fewer animals viewed because of the growing vegetation.
  • Quotation: Safari price low, Affordable ( Green season)
  • Population: The parks are less crowned hence private and exclusive tours.
  • Recommended: Average time for safari but the Zambia side of the Victoria Falls dries up.

Kindly contact us for guidance on the best time to travel based on your needs and expectations.

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