Big Five Safaris in Kenya

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Big Five Safaris in Kenya

Elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalo join African lions and leopards as the continent’s most sought-after wildlife – known as The Big 5. They’ve been the object of safaris for as long as civilization has admired their prowess. As you capture each one through your camera lens, you preserve the memory of personally meeting five fiercely beautiful creatures though we cannot control or guarantee images of all five.

Big Five Animals Facts

They earned their collective name during the 19th century when game hunters stalked their trails in hopes of bringing home trophies. Today, we track the Big Five with exciting photo safaris that take us deep into the different habitats of Africa’s most magnificent and dangerous wildlife. When you journey with us across savannas, trek through rainforests and travel into jungles, we make sure you have every opportunity to capture the Big Five through the lens of your camera. We know where they make their homes, and we know how to approach them. We understand their ways.

Big five safari
Big five safari

This king of beasts conquers the hearts of every visitor who photographs a lion family at its leisure. The ferocious animals are Africa’s only big cats that form large social units with pride averaging up to a dozen members. Watch young cubs tumble and play, or identify the oldest male by his darkened mane. Often, our safaris encounter lions on the hunt. Picture the thrill of watching them chase and bring down their prey.

Discover Leaps of Leopards

Discovering the most likely places for photographing leopards can be a challenge. They seek out seclusion high in treetops where they stash their freshest kill away from scavenging hyenas. Still, our guides bring deep experience into the field to help you capture this very secretive cat. It’s not unusual to see leopards gracefully leap and swim in our great rivers as they forage for fish and crabs.

Big five safari
Big five safari

Big Five picture of a Herds of Buffalo

Our Cape buffalo are fierce animals that still defy domestication. Their enormous herd’s journey through the African savanna today much like North America’s bison dominated that continent until the 19th century. Many photo safari guests follow massive herds of Cape buffalo as a part of the great wildlife migration that crosses from Tanzania into Kenya each year.

Big Five Animals Photographic Safari

As the Big five animals roam from the southern and eastern regions of our continent. Some of our most successful big five animal’s photographic safaris take place in these locations:

  • Samburu National Reserve – All of the Big Five make homes here in this northern Kenyan reserve. The semi-desert savanna is part of the Rift Valley and world-renown as a bird-watcher’s paradise.
  • Amboseli National Park – Running along the Kenya-Tanzania border, Amboseli is often called Kilimanjaro’s Royal Court. Its 392 square kilometers include wetlands, savannas, and forests.
  • Masai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya’s world-famous game reserve runs contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Its incredible ecosystem is considered Africa’s most diverse home for the Big Five.
  • Serengeti National Park – Encompassing more than 14,000 square kilometers, this Tanzanian park serves as the staging ground for annual wildlife migrations. Massive herds move through the western corridor region almost up to Lake Victoria and into Masai Mara.
  • Ngorongoro Conservational Area – The Crater Highlands of Tanzania is one of the last protected habitats of both black and white rhinos. This area enjoys special designation as a World Heritage Site.

Big Five Safari with DK Grand Safaris we’re very proud of the role we play in protecting the natural treasures of our different countries. Every guest who joins us on a Big Five safari comes away with a better understanding of our deep commitment to conservation and preservation.

We invite you to join us and spend time with the wild animals of Africa that remain legendary regardless of the passage of time. We welcome you to capture the Big Five and keep them with you forever in your pictures and your memories. Here at DK Grand Safaris, we’re always happy and honored to share everything that makes our home so special.

As game hunting recedes into the past here in Africa,

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