Entry Requirements to Tanzania

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Capital – Dodoma

Population – Approximately 5.5 Million

Language – English, and Swahili


A passport and visa are required for entry into Tanzania. Visa is a permission granted to a foreigner other than a prohibited Immigrant (please click here to see the list of countries whose nationals require visa) to enter and remain in the United Republic of Tanzania for the purpose of visit, leisure, holiday, business, health treatment, studies, or any other activity which is not illegal under the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. The U.S. Embassy recommends that U.S. citizens obtain visas before traveling Tanzania, but visas are also available at ports of entry upon arrival. A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond visa issuance and/or date of entry, and at least one blank visa page is required.

Types of visa

Single-entry tourist visa: US$50 on arrival (Except for US citizens for whom a single-entry visa is US$100)

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers from yellow fever endemic countries/regions. You will need one as long as you transit via Kenya.

Visa Application Form for all categories Click here to download or/and Visa Application Form

To obtain visa requirements, please refer to the second page of the Visa Application Form (click here to download). Once the application is fully complete, submit by courier or in person to:

Contact details in Canada
The Tanzania High Commission
Attention: Visa Department
50 Range Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada. K1N 8J4

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania
1232 22nd St. NW, Washington D.C 20037
Telephone: (202)884-1080, (202)939-6125/7
Fax: (202)797-7408

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