Beach Holiday's In Africa

Comb Beach Sands A long the Indian Ocean

Relax, play, enjoy the sights, and celebrate the nights. Indulge in a seaside resort experience unlike any other. The Indian Ocean beaches along Kenya’s eastern shore rival more famous locales by offering pristine settings, endless activities and unparalleled amenities. This type of civilized safari is endlessly entertaining.

Indian Ocean Beaches

For unwinding after safari, or searching for a honeymoon destination, your final destination should be to the East Africa Indian Ocean beaches which are the warmest beaches in the world. The beaches are fringed with coconut trees and the water is clear and gentle. The dawn walks along the water’s edge/beach sands is a rare chance to explore a virgin Indian Ocean beachscape. Translucent pink crabs scuttle into the sea, sand dollars litter the beach like confetti and birdsong drifts from the dunes beyond. The calm waters of Indian Ocean are ideal for water skiing & water boarding, Windsurfing & kite-surfing, sailing with dhow, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, visiting any of the marine parks and game reserves or just sunbathing on the white sandy beaches.