Meru National Park

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Meru National Park is characterized by river line acacia forest, raffia, and doum palms along the river line, thorny bushes, woodland, dense forest, and open savannah lands while the western part of the park is hilly rich in red volcanic soils.

The book of “Born Free” by George Adamson and Joy Adamson which was made into a successful film made the park become more famous. Elsa the lioness who was adopted by George and Joy was released in the wild and buried in Meru National Park and Joy’s ashes were scattered on her grave.

Meru National Park Safari
Meru National Park Safari

Meru National Park Distance from Nairobi
The distance from Nairobi to Meru National park is approximately 7 hours driving, its 388km (241 miles) on a straight line its 214km (133miles or 115 nautical miles) driving on A2 road and then diverting into C91.

Some of the major towns you drive through include; Ruiru, Thika town, Meru junction, Wamumu, Wanguru, Kimbimbi, Mururi, Embu town, Ena, Runyenjes, Kyeni, Kathageri, Chuka town, Marima, Igoji, Kanyakine, Nkubu town, Meru town.

From Meru town you will divert into Meru – Maua C91 road driving through Nchiru, Kianjai, Muthaara, Kangeta town and then finally to Meru National Park gate. Daily scheduled flights operate from Nairobi (Wilson Airport) to Meru National Park and the flying time is approximately 45 Minutes landing at Kina Airstrip.

Meru National Park Distance From Meru Town
The distance from Meru Town to Meru National Park is approximately 1:35 Hours driving 114 km (241 miles) on a straight line its 60km (37miles or 32.17 nautical miles) driving on Meru-Maua road C91.

Meru National Park Weather
Meru National Park is usually hot and sometimes humid. During the day the average temperatures range between 32 degrees Celsius/90 degrees Fahrenheit and at night it can drop to 17 degrees Celsius/63 degrees Fahrenheit. The variation isn’t much because of the closeness to the equator.

The west part of the park receives an average annual rainfall of 635–762 mm while the east part gets 305–356 mm. The dry months are usually January to late March and late May to early November. Expect rains in the months of April, late May and in November and December.

Meru National Park Location
Meru National Park is located in Meru County coving an area of approximately 870 square km. The park coordinates are 0°5′37″N 38°12′29″ and the park altitude varies from 1000 to 3400 feet (304 to 1036 meters) above the sea level.

The park can be accessed via Murera Gate especially if you are coming from Nanyuki/Isiolo town or via Ura Gate is you are coming from Nairobi/Embu town. Schedule flights always land at Kina Airstrip inside the park.

Meru National Park Hotel
Few accommodations are available within and around Meru National Park and they include the famous luxurious Ela’s Kopje camp.

Best Time to Visit Meru National Park.
For better game viewing at Meru National Park, the dry months of January to March and from late May to November, during the rainy season’s game drivers would be difficult especially in spotting the wild animals.

Meru National Park Safari
Meru National Park safaris can be organized through DK Grand Safaris from Nairobi by road with pick up from Nairobi city Hotel. Starting from the airport may be difficult because of the driving time or by flying to Meru National Park using schedule daily flight with a minimum of two guests.

Meru National Park Safari packages might include family safari, honeymoon safari, private safaris, customized safaris, group safaris, photographic safari etc. Safari packages will include accommodation in Meru national park, safari in land cruisers or minivans, game drives, Meru national park fees, and park entry fee, professional guides etc. 

Meru National Park Animals
Several species of mammals have been recorded at Meru National Park which includes the big five animals namely; Africa Elephants, Lions, Leopard, Rhino and Café Buffalo.

Other common animals in Meru National Park includes; Grevy’s zebra, waterbucks, Cheetahs, elands, warthogs, monkeys, reticulated giraffe, common zebras, reedbucks, hippopotamus, mongoose, baboons, hartebeest, impala grants gazelles etc.

Meru National Park Birds
More than 400 species of birds have been recorded in the park which includes; Ostrich, Pigeons, Yellow-billed duck, Yellow-billed storks, African open billed stork, Sandgrouse, Marabou stork, Sacred ibis, Cattle egret, Vultures etc.

Other common birds at Meru National Park includes;  Goshawk,  Bustards, Crowned crane, Plovers, Doves, Owls, Lilac-breasted rollers, Cuckoo, Woodpeckers, Shrikes, Sunbirds, Weavers, Guinea fowls, Secretary bird, Francolins,  etc.

Meru National Park Attractions

  1. Big Five Game Viewing
  2. Rhino Sanctuary
  3. Scenic viewing
  4. Joy and George Adamson’s home

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