Samburu Game Reserve

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Samburu Game Reserve is famous for the Samburu special animals (Gerenuk, Somali Ostrich, Grevy zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, and the Oryx). The park comes into the limelight because of Kamunyak (The lioness who adopted several baby oryx from different mothers and later losing them to the male lions).

Samburu is characteristic by the brown water from EWASO Nyiro River which cuts through the reserve and acts as the bounder between the park and Buffalo Springs Game Reserve.

Samburu Game Reserve
Samburu Game Reserve

The park was established in 1948 as Samburu-Isiolo Game Reserve and become a national reserve in 1985, Because of its inaccessibility for many years; the park has retained its natural serene. Its open savannah grassland, dotted with several acacia trees species and doum palms (the only branched palm tree) along the Ewaso Nyiro river.

Samburu National Park from Nairobi
The distance from Nairobi to Samburu Game Reserve is approximately 350 km (217 miles) though it depends on the type of vehicle you are using, it can take between five to six hours driving on A 2 paved road all through to Archers Post before diverting into E820 marram road.

Scenic drive from Nairobi to Samburu National Park will drive you through; Ruiru town, Thika town, Kenol, Makuyu, Sagana, Kibongoti, Karatina town, Nyeri, Kiganjo, Chaka, Naromoru, Nanyuki town, Timau, Isiolo/Meru junction, Isiolo, Ngaremara and then finally Archers Post.

Daily flights operate from Nairobi to Samburu Game Reserve and flying time is approximately 1 hour. Samburu National Park main gates include; Archers Gate, Uaso Gate, Wamba Gate, and West Gate.

Samburu National Park Weather
Samburu Game Reserve is extrema hot during the daytime and the temperatures drop at night, sometimes the nights can become windy.  The annual temperatures vary from 30 degrees Celsius/85 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Celsius/58 degrees Fahrenheit at night. It rains in the month of April and short rains occur in November and December.

Samburu National Park Location
Samburu National Park (Reserve) is located in Samburu County in what was called the Northern Frontier District characterized by semi-arid and hot desert climate.

The park size is 165square km equivalent to 583 square miles. The park bounders Samburu Shaba Game Reserve and Buffalo Springs National Reserve and both are separated by Ewaso Nyiro River. The park’s altitude ranges from 800 to 1230 meters above the sea level and its coordinates are 0.5775° N, 37.4916° E

Samburu National Park Hotel/Accommodation
Some of the safari lodges in Samburu include Samburu Lodge and some superior to luxury camps include, Ashnil Samburu Tented Camp and Larsen’s Tented Camp. Please contact us for booking.

These safari lodges and camps are strategically located adjacent to Ewaso Nyiro River which offers an excellent wildlife viewing especially Elephants families crossing and abundant bird watching.

Best Time to Visit Samburu National Park.
During the dry months of January to March and from the month of May all through to November are the best months through December isn’t bad as the country experiences the short rains.

This is when the concentration of animals is found inside the park because of the availability of green pastures and Ewaso Nyiro River is full of water. Crocodiles can be spotted busting on the sandy river banks.

Samburu National Park Safari
Customized safari packages to Samburu National Park can be organized from our offices. They include; family safari, Photographic safaris, private safaris, bird watching safaris, Cultural safari, group safari, and honeymoon safari etc.

Pick up can be done from your Nairobi city hotel or direct from the Jomokenyatta International Airport depending on your arrival time.

Safari packages include;  accommodation at Samburu game reserve, game drives in land cruisers or minivans, game viewing in the park, Samburu Park fees and entry fees, complimentary cultural tour to Samburu village, professional guides etc.

Samburu National Park Animals
The park is famous for the unique five or the Samburu Special five animals which include, Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, Grevy Zebra, and the Gerenuk. Large herds of Elephants families have been recorded in the park.

The park has a quite number of Kirks dik-dik, cheetahs, leopards, lions, impala, waterbucks, baboons, zebras, grant gazelles, crocodiles, lesser kudus etc. On several occasions, Hunting dogs have been spotted in the park.

Samburu Game Reserve Birds
The park is a bird heaven for bird watching with more than 450 different species of birds having been recorded.  Common birds in Samburu Game Reserve includes; Somali ostrich, White-headed buffalo weaver, Helmeted guinea fowls, Von der deckens hornbills, Pygmy Falcon, Verreaux’s eagle owls, vulturine Guinea fowls etc.

Other birds found at Samburu includes; Crested francolin, Palm-nut vultures, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Lilac-breasted roller, Marabou storks, Yellow-necked Spur-fowl, superb starling, purple grenadier, Red-billed fire-finch etc.

Samburu National Park Attractions

  1. Big Four Animals
  2. The Samburu Special Five (Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, Grevy Zebra, and the Gerenuk).
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Samburu Culture Tours
  5. Bush Dinners
  6. Sundowners

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