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Naserian Mara Camp “The Jewel of Lemek Conservancy”

Naserian Mara Camp is an elegant, luxurious tented Camp located in the heart of the Masai plains of Lemek Conservancy just north of the Masai. Our conservancy is one of the best wildlife viewing areas throughout the year which comprises of open savannah, endless views and it’s considered as the lion’s haven due to the high concentration of the plain game and thousand acres of pristine.

Naserian Mara Camp
Naserian Mara Camp

Nestled in the middle of the African bush, Naserian Mara Camp will give you a sensation of privacy, rest and peace as its name means in Maa language. The 10 large beautifully furnished guest tents are spacious, well-equipped with en suite bathrooms, with some of the bath tubs being wheel chair accessible and two of our executive suites have plunge pools where you soak to rejuvenate. Each tent features a view verandah with cozy daybed for relaxing and canvas safari chairs where private meals are served on request contributing to a magical safari experience.

Each trip to our camp brings you closer to nature to experience the rich abundance of animal life and a chance to meet the indigenous people. We look forward to welcoming your guests and giving them an unforgettable lifetime experience.

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