Victoria Falls

Walk on the Edge of Victoria Falls

The world has seven natural wonders, and Victoria Falls stands as one of its most spectacular. Even from a distance, you understand why the planet’s largest curtain of falling water is known as the Smoke That Thunders. Make a wish to stand on the precipice of a towering waterfall. Make it happen with a walk along the rocky cliffs of Victoria Falls.

The Majesty of Victoria Falls Safari Tours

You can see the rainbows and rising mist from miles away. Close your eyes, and you can hear the distant roar. The power and majesty of Victoria Falls is rivaled only by its monumental beauty. The world’s largest waterfall is one of Africa’s most beloved natural treasures.

Come spend time here, and learn why legends over the centuries have christened this extraordinary location with its special name: Smoke That Thunders. Walk along towering precipices within an arm’s reach of the clouds, and understand why every visitor to Victoria Falls vows to return some day.

Defining National Boarders

When you’re told its height towers over 100 meters and its width stretches almost 2 kilometers, you picture a vast expanse of falling water and rock cliffs. When you’re standing at its base or walking the trails up its edges, you experience Victoria Falls in a way that numbers simply can’t explain.

The great falls are part of the Zambezi River defining the border between Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the south. Numerous islands crown its crest and slice falling water into majestic ribbons and curtains. The incredible natural wonder constantly recreates and supports its own ecosystem teeming with unique plants and wildlife.

Redefining Adventure Options

The highlight of a trip to the world’s most famous waterfall can put you on its very edge as you soak in its magical mist. There are no words to describe the infinite view that’s yours with a helicopter flyover. Your options for adventure range from breathtaking treks to relaxing tours.

  • Challenge yourself by climbing and abseiling sheer cliffs or bungee jumping off a historic iron bridge.
  • Conquer the Zambezi with a white water rafting expedition that includes time-out for river boarding.
  • Take an aerial tour of the falls, and try to count all the zebras, antelopes and giraffes below.
  • Watch the most glorious sunsets on the planet as you enjoy a luxurious river cruise.
  • Explore the rich, diverse ecosystem of Victoria Falls National Park’s rain forest.

Understanding the Seasons

You can visit this World Heritage Site year-round, but the seasons do affect planning. Heavy rains in the upper Zambezi run from April through June resulting in powerful river currents that make some water activities dangerous. However, this same force of nature also produces spectacular views of the falls through the end of September.

During October, temperatures swing between very warm days and chilly nights. By November, the river slows down and opens up to kayaking, sundown cruising and even fishing. Walking trails around the falls are drier, bird-watching opportunities peak, and crowds of fellow travelers begin to thin out.

Staying Dry and Safe

Regardless of the season, adventures at Victoria Falls are unforgettable on both sides of the river. Come prepared to get wet as you walk, climb and play along the most beautiful curtain of water in the world.

  • Most guests prefer taking pictures from the Zimbabwe side of the falls and river.
  • The Zambia side of the falls offers a very wet, immersive experience.
  • A good rain coat and hat are strongly recommended, but bring something light and easy to carry.
  • Wear open-toe or fabric shoes with non-slip soles for sure-footed safety.
  • Carry your camera in a waterproof case, and bring plenty of lens cleaning cloths.

Some travelers enjoy getting soaked while wearing lightweight shorts and T-shirts that quickly dry, but let the seasons guide your wardrobe choice. It’s a good idea to bring along a change of clothes if you plan on staying for the day.

Expanding Your Range

The location of Victoria Falls puts you within easy touring distance of Chobe National Park in Botswana and Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Your plans can include both a visit to the waterfall and several days of safari in the bush.

Our experienced drivers command a fleet of modern 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers, and we partner with the most trusted helicopter and hot air balloon safari services in the region. We center your visit around the falls or expand your range to cover even more African adventures according to your wishes.

Choosing Your Dream

Imagine yourself with upturned face smiling into the mist and rainbows as you stand high on a precipice. Envision the sweeping panorama of water and wildlife that opens up beneath your helicopter flight. Choose your dream trip to Victoria Falls, and let us make the arrangements.

DK Grand Safaris caters to your idea of the perfect African journey by taking care of every detail. Whether you travel with us as part of a group or prefer our private safari tour services, we extend our warmest welcome. We know your visit will bring you back some day, and we always look forward to your return.