Nairobi National Park covers an area of 117 square kilometer (44 square miles) and it was the first national park in Kenya to be established in 1946. It’s one of the most successful rhino sanctuaries in Kenya.

We organize game drive in the park though no elephants because of the park size and insufficient woodland forest but the other big four can be viewed in the park.

The park is only 7 km from Nairobi Central Business District where by its only electrical fence which separates the park and the metropolis. It’s the only park in a city in the entire world and home to several species of animals and birds.

Nairobi National Park Map

Nairobi National Park MapNairobi National Park Weather

Nairobi National Park is usually hot and dry especially in the months of January to March and July to October before the rain season in April and November.

Nairobi National Park Location

The Park is located in Nairobi County 7 km from the CBD and can be accessed via several park gates which includes Langata gate, the Main Gate at KWS headquarters, Mbagathi Gate, Cheetah Gate etc.

Nairobi National park is located within an altitude of 5,030 to 5,774 ft (1,533 to 1760 m) above sea level. The park coordinates are 1.3616° S, 36.8452° E

Nairobi National Park tour

DK Grand Safaris offers daily half day Nairobi National Park tour with pick up from Nairobi city accommodation or direct from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and game drive will start immediately you enter the park.

Nairobi National Park bus tour or game drives can be private safaris Kenya, family safari holidays, photographic safari Kenya, couple safari or private group safari.

The package includes Nairobi National Park Entrance Fee, unlimited bottle water, soft drinks and services of a professional driver guide. The tour usually last for five to six hours and you will be dropped back to your Nairobi city hotel.

Nairobi National Park Hotel

There are several boutiques and classic hotels near Nairobi National Park which offer ultimate luxury and convince to your needs. Contact us for guidance as per your needs.

  1. The Giraffe Manor
  2. Raddison Blu
  3. The Boma Hotel
  4. Hilton Garden inn

Nairobi National Park Best Time to Visit

Early in the morning and evenings are the best timings for game drivers in Nairobi National Park as middy day tend to be hot and most animals especially the cats will be sleeping under the bushes.

Early morning game drive in Nairobi National Park can be combined with other attractions near the park which includes; Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museums and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.

Dry months offer better game drivers i.e. January to March and late May to November though Nairobi National Park is all year round tourist destination for game drivers.

Nairobi National Park Opening Time

The park gates are opened from 06:00am daily

The park gates are closed from07:00pm daily

Nairobi National Park Animals

More than 80 different species of mammals have been recorded at Nairobi National park which includes the big four Lions, Cape Buffaloes, Rhinos and the Leopard.

Other mammals recorded in the park includes Cheetahs, Elands, Warthogs, Giraffe, Zebras, Monkeys, Wildebeest, Hippotamus, Thomson Gazelles, Mongoose, Baboons, Hyenas, Impala, Grants Gazelles, and Coke Hartebeest etc.

Approximately 450 species of birds of both endemic and migratory have also been recorded in the park which includes several water birds; Whistling ducks, Egyptian goose, Cape teal, Yellow billed duck, Little grebe, Yellow billed storks, African open billed stork, Saddle billed storks, Marabou stork, Sacred ibis, African spoonbill, Grey herons, Cattle egret, Goliath herons, White pelican, Great cormorant,

Nairobi national park birds of prey includes; Africa Fish Eagle, Secretary bird, Vultures, Goshawk, Bustards, and Owls.

Other birds species incudes; Ostrich, Guinea fowls, Francolins, Crowned crane, Plovers, Sandgrouse, Pigeons, Doves, Owls, Lilac breasted rollers, Cuckoo, Woodpeckers, Shrikes, Sunbirds, Weavers etc.

40 different species of amphibians and reptiles which includes Leopard Tortoise, Helmeted Terrapins, Red headed Agama Lizards, skink, Nile monitor lizards, chameleons, Toads, Frogs, etc

Not forgetting approximately 500 different tree and shrubs species are also found in the park which includes; silky oak, Orange leaved Croton, Croton Megalocarpus, Euphorbia Candelabrum, Finger Euphobia, Orchid Tree, Whistling Thorn Acacia, Yellow Barked Acacia, Sycamore Fig Tree etc


Nairobi National Park Highlight

  1. Hippo Pool – You can take a walk along the Athi River in search of the hippopotamus and crocodiles in addition to many velvet monkeys which huge around that area.
  2. Baboon Clip/Escarpment – located at the south border of the park, has some huts and it’s the best place for picnic meals if you had taken picnic lunch with you.
  3. Narogoman dam – it’s the first attraction in the park; the dam attracts several animals and birds especially during the dry season.
  4. Mokoyeti picnic site – it’s an open cliff top with toilets and good picnic site as well.
  5. The Ivory Memorial Burning Site

Nairobi National Park Tour Price 2018

  • Nairobi National Park Half day per adultminimum two guest $
  • Nairobi National Park Half day Child sharing with two adults $
  • Nairobi National Park Half day solo adult and Transport Supplement $


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