Kenya Safari Itineraries

Kenya is a hub for safari adventure allowing its visitors the opportunity to take back home both tangible and intangible treasures.

Having scoped several leading awards like the Beach destination ward, National park award, Leisure destination award, and Africa tourist board award qualifies Kenya to be an ultimate tourist destination in Africa.

Kenya boasts of its diversity of tourist attractions that include the warm beaches in the coastal region, abundant wildlife in their natural habitats, vibrant bird life with a record of over 500 bird species, the big five wild animals with more mammal species, reptiles, and amphibian wildlife migration pattern with the highlight being the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara.

Kenya is richly endowed with cultural resources developed into cultural heritage tourism. Other attractions are the world heritage sites with a history dating back millions of years and the reputable cradle of mankind where some of the oldest fossils have been retrieved. Thus Kenya is truly a destination that offers foreign and domestic visitors an unrivaled variety of travel experiences.


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