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DK Grand Safaris is a unique five star plus rated safari outfitters who have raised the standards of safaris in East and Southern Africa into luxury travel designed to comfortably indulge in the iconic of all the hidden treasures of safari.

Guests travel in private safaris Kenya, bespoke safaris, family safari holidays, photographic safari Kenya, Couple safari, private group safari and unmatched customized African safari led by ultra-careful vetted local guides together with our hospitable concierge team piloted by the founders.

For those seeking for luxury travel packages, we’re incredibly delighted to offer these unique and exquisite adventure journeys dripping with deluxe features at most competitive rates compared to others offering the same services.

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When you find yourself lost in day dreams about the experience, it belongs on your bucket list. If the mention of a destination makes your heart race, it becomes a special place that you know you must visit. Each time you wish for an adventure just beyond the next horizon, you move a little closer to the ultimate journey.

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Exclusive and Flexible Packages

You will have the flexibility and freedom to dictate how we customize your dream safari.

Personalized & Perceived Service

We promise unmatched degree of personalized service and each request is treated independently.

All inclusive Packages Deals

What a life time adventure safari knowing all your needs are included in the package not unless stated otherwise

Authentic and Distinctive Services

Travel with our local African safari professional who understands all the destinations you will be visiting.

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