Serengeti Serena Lodge

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is an award-winning gem of a hotel in one of the most beautiful settings in Tanzania. Seamlessly blended into an acacia-lined ridge, our African-style extraordinary lodge presents a vibrant design concept rich in indigenous craft and cultural detail that is without compare. Set high on a hill with rolling visas over the teeming plains of a natural amphitheater it also enjoys a ringside seat for the greatest show on earth, the annual migration of the wildebeest. Our infinity pool offers panoramic views across the Serengeti’s vast, endless grasslands where lions and cheetahs stalk their prey and massive migrating wildebeest herds darken the landscape in a relentless search tor fresh grazing grounds. Here you will savor the ancient stillness and serenity of one of the most magnificent destinations on earth. Discover the warmth and coziness of stone-built traditionally thatched ’’rondavel’’ lodging. Dine under an indigo blanket of stars and enjoy unforgettable adventures and experiences ranging from private safaris and day trips to the prehistoric Ngorongoro Crater to Swahili lessons, guided nature walks and massage treatments. Take pleasure in a Serengeti safari destination where tine seemingly stands still and your room remains at the threshold of undisturbed, untamed Africa.

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