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Suggested Safari Packing Guide

Kenya has mild winters and the summer days can get quite hot. Lightweight, casual clothes can be worn all year round, with a jacket or jersey and perhaps something to keep your legs warm for early mornings and late evenings.

Some of best strategies for making a trip successful fit inside your luggage. This is especially true when you pack for an African safari. Whether you plan on trekking with gorillas through the rain forest or exploring coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, you only need one well-packed bag.

Most bush planes have a 33-pound limit on luggage on a soft sided bag per person. Your clothing needs are covered by laundry services at safari camp & lodges or your hotel though at an extra fee, so pack lightly. We suggest these basics.

  • Two each, casual long- and short-sleeved shirts that layer easily
  • Convertible cargo pants for touring, jeans or yoga pants for lounging
  • Well-worn, comfortable hiking boots, flip-flops and/or sports shoes
  • A rain slicker and water-proof hat or baseball cap
  • Extras such as a swimsuit, sarong, sweater and shawl
  • A jacket, fleece or jersey to keep you warm
  • Sunglasses and contact less
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • A small torch and batteries if required
  • Charging equipment’s, electricity supply is 220/240 v 50 Hz. Plugs are 3-point square.
  • Your medication if any don’t forget and description


We recommend modest clothing in the bigger towns and cities and casual shorts, shirts and beach wear in the camps, lodges and at the beach. Neutral safari colors of green, khaki and beige are the best while dark colors such as navy or black can attract tsetse flies.

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